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Nom: Angela Kleis
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Date d'enregistrement: 30/04/2014
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Angela Kleis

Boredom, curiosity, and travel have combined to create an eclectic collection of work. Angela prefers film, but thinks digital is just fine, too. She tends to explore comfort levels.
Fall / Automne
Fall / Automne

« I will always associate tall, leafy trees with my

parents' backyard. In the summer, they provided

cool shade. In the fall, those trees kept our

weekends busy clearing leaves that seemed like

would never stop falling. »


Even though I love roller coasters and have no fear of heights, Ferris wheels are always a little scary because I am hanging in the air with nothing beneath me, and I love the feeling. [Même si j'aime les montagnes russes et n'ai pas peur des hauteurs, les grandes roues sont toujours un peu effrayantes pour moi, parce que je suis dans l'air sans rien en dessous de moi, et j'aime la sensation.]